Subscription FAQ

Please note that these FAQ applied to subscription service only. If you have any questions. Please don't hesitate to contact us via

General questions about the Happy Kit subscription.

Happy kits are bi-monthly subscription service. Every 2 months we will pick a theme and design planner kits and sticker kit. Please note that planner kits (Vertical kit, Mini kit, Hobonichi Weeks kit and Hobonichi Cousin kit) shared the same/similiar designs, while sticker kit has different elements. 

The subscription service opens on every 28th of January, March, May, July, September and November.

Sticker kit = The main kit with functional stickers and washi tape.

Vertical kit = Designed to be used on vertical planner style. Full boxes have the width of 1.5". 

Mini kit = A mini version of Vertical kit. Suitable for people who prefer white-space planning or those we don't use EC planner. PrintPression Weeks also can use this kit.

Hobonichi Weeks kit

Hobonichi Cousin kit(weekly view only)

Sticker kit = $25 USD

Vertical kit = $25 USD

Mini kit = $17.50 USD

Hobonichi Weeks kit = $17.50 USD

Hobonichi Cousin kit = $17.50 USD

Shipping price is not included in the prices above. When you subscribed, The shipping price will be included.

Shipping price varies in each countries. We categorised shipping price according to shipping zones hoping to make the price as lowest as possible.

International countries = $5.80 USD

Asia countries = $4.80 USD 

You will get flat rate shipping when you subscribe multiple kits.

If you subscribe all kits (5 kits), you will get free shipping!

We ship the package via Thailand Post as E-Packet. Tracking service included. Once we shipped out your order. We will send email notification to you and tracking number.

Kits are shipped on 3th - 4th week end of the enrolled month, February, April, June, August, October and December. 

After sign up closed. We will make an announcement on our homepage when we are expecting to ship all of the kits. And also when you should receive the shipping notification from us.

Please note that sometimes the email might be in your junk mail.

Yes! But you must cancel the next subscription before 25th of the enrol month! For example if you have enrolled our June kit and wanting to cancel the August kit, you must cancel subscription before 25 August.

We also going send you notification for your upcoming charged to let you know before sign up opens.

Vertical kit, Mini kit, Hobonichi Weeks Kit and Hobonichi Cousin kit are sharing the same artwork. As sticker kit contains only functional stickers. Sticker kit will not have the same element as other 3 kits.

Sticker kit is the main kit. Therefore, it is the only kit that has washi tape.

Once we have shipped all of the subscription orders. Leftover kits will be available to purchase at our shop.

However, we cannot promise you that every products will be available. And product prices will be in full price instead of discounted price.

Discount codes cannot be used on the subscription products. 

You will be billed for your kit on the same calendar date as the day you sign up. For example, if you sign up on May 30, you will be billed on May 30 for your first kit. As for the second kit, you will be billed on July 30. And September 30 third kit etc. 

The subscription prices will be cheaper than the retail price.

If subscription products are available at the shop. The price will be in full price and unable to use coupon codes.

We cannot guaranteer that all of the products from kits will be available at the shop.   

You will get flat rate shipping price. Meaning that if you subscribe more than 1 kit together, the shipping price will remain the same.

You will get exclusive gift for subscribing multiple kits. For example washi tape roll, charm etc.

We apologised that we are unable to do combine shipping if you purchase individual kits. As kits have been prepared and ready to ship. We will only combine shipping when you purchase "multiple kits".

Questions regarding to subscription.

Yes! If the upcoming kit isn't your style. You can send us an email requesting to paused the kit. 

*If you subscribe our kits via Shopify Checkout. You can login to your Shopify account and access customer portal and skip the kit yourself*

When subscription is paused, we temporarily stop collecting payments. You can unpause it later and we'll start collecting again at the next billing cycle.

Please make sure to email us about pausing the kit BEFORE sign up opens on 28th!

As the subscription service uses PayPal function. We uses the shipping address in PayPal only (not from Shopify) to ship subscription kit. But if you purchase products from our shop, we will use Shopify address. Therefore, please change your address on PayPal and Shopify.

*Due to the problem with PayPal shipping issue*

Please email to let us know at with your full name, email address (PayPal) and your new shipping address. Otherwise there's a possibility that PayPal won't be updating the new address on our side.

*If you subscribe more than 1 listing (eg. sticker kit and mini kit). You have to change address to both subscription. Changing 1 will not going to update both of the sub.*

*Please click on this PayPal link to the instruction of how to change your shipping address in PayPal*

Please make sure to change before end of the enrolment date.

If you are the first time subscriber and wanting to cancel the current month. We only accept cancellation within 24 hours of the order being placed. Please email ( us with your full name and email address (for PayPal).

We will refund and send email to notify you.If you want to cancel the subscription yourself.

Please click this PayPal link to instructions on how to cancel subscription.

If you want to unsubscribe the next month's kit, please cancel before 23rd of the enroll month.

Please make sure to email us few days before the enrolment date (28th of January / March / May / July / September / November).

Otherwise it will be difficult for us to make changes as the payment has been processed.

The easiest way to do is to cancel your current sub and resub when sign up opens.

We use PayPal subscription service. Therefore, you can view your subscription details on your PayPal account.

Please follow this PayPal link to how to view your subscription plan.

Please note that custom fees/duty taxes/VAT are buyer's responsibility.

Please note that for European countries, if the value is more than £15 (roughtly $18 usd.). There's a possibility you will get charged with custom fees.

The payment will automatically process for every 2 months until you cancel the subscription.

Shipping notification and updates will be sent to the email that you use to subscribe (PayPal). Please note that sometimes the email might be in your junk mail.

If you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at

I apologised that due to PayPal system, you won't get an email notification to confirm that you've subscribed to our kits :(

Yes, it is correct. Although we no longer use PayPal to handle subscription kits. But we still accept PayPal payment.

When you add more than 1 kit to a cart. This means you are subscribing multiple kits. This method is different from before, where we have buttons for multiple listings.

This new method will be useful when you want to change/add/remove the kits. You can do this without having to cancel your subscription 😆

Yes, you will get shop points when subscribing to our kits. Please make sure to login to your account!