KIT008-Mini kit

KIT008 (Carnival theme park) :Mini kit

Our Mini kit! All stickers are designed with "Carnival theme park" theme. This is a smaller version of our full Vertical kit. Therefore, it's perfect for white space planner. You can use it on Print Pression Weeks too.

What's included in the kit?

  • These are 3 sticker sheets and a small sticker sheet.
  • 2 Holographic silver foil stickers for sheet 1 and sheet 3.
  • The width of the boxes are 1.5" wide. Therefore, it can be used on ECLP Vertical, PP Weeks, PP B6 etc.
  • Full boxes are 1.9" height.  

This kit is as part of our subscription service. Discount codes are not allowed to be use with the kit. But you will get the shop freebies. 

What's the benefit of subscription to our kits?

  • The price is cheaper!
  • We have a special sticker designed for subscriber only
  • If you purchase multiple kits, you will get a special gift (Eg. sticker sheet or washi tape).
  • There are chances that not everything will be included in the kit when available in shop. For example, die cuts won't be included or overlay stickers.

Gifts for subscribing to the current kit

When you subscribe to Witchy Pals kit. These are 5 items you will get (value of $18 USD). If you already subscribe to our kits. You will also get these freebies.

Gifts for subscribing multiple kits

When you subscribing more than 1 kit in the same transaction.

You will get these 4 washi tapes and flat rate shipping!

Please note that these rarely available in shop as it is exclusive for multiple subscribers.