Sticker kit

KIT006-Sticker kit - Sheet 5

KIT006 (Afternoon tea) : House chores (sheet 5)

This is House chores sticker sheet from Honey bear subscription kit.

  • There are 4 different designs in this sheet.
    • Grocery shopping
    • Cleaning spray and gloves
    • Cleaning equipments
    • Wash day
  • There are assorted of medium size (0.80") and mini size (0.65")
  • This sticker sheet has 18 stickers.


    This kit is as part of our subscription service. Discount codes are not allowed to be use with the kit. But you will get the shop freebies. 

    What's the benefit of subscription to our kits?

    • The price is cheaper!
    • We have a special sticker designed for subscriber only
    • If you purchase multiple kits, you will get a special gift (Eg. sticker sheet or washi tape).
    • There are chances that not everything will be included in the kit when available in shop. For example, die cuts won't be included or overlay stickers.