USPS (7-10 days) Shipping method for United States only!


We have found a better solution for U.S.A. customers to receive the order faster! 

It's to ship express shipping via USPS (approximately 7-10 days!). 

*The minimum purchase is item total of $30 usd in order to purchase the USPS shipping service* When you reach the amount of $30 usd. The USPS shipping will automatically available on shipping method.

The shipping cost is $10 usd. 

We know that it sounds expensive. Therefore, we are going to give you 2 additional stickers for free and you can choose!(You cannot choose foiled sticker or kit). 

2 sticker sheets = $5 usd

Our tracking service cost $4.50 usd

Paying $10 usd for shipping is almost the same as buying 2 sticker sheets! 

USPS shipping is signature required. We suggest you to change your shipping address to your workplace or if you happened to missed the delivery. You can contact them to pick up the package at the local post office.

 Important note:

Please do not forget to write down these information in note to seller! If you didn't write them down. We are going to email you to ask but this means it will take longer time for us to ship your order.

  1. Your telephone number - for us to create the shipping label
  2. 2 sticker sheets choice! - Sticker code / hair + skin colour / size