Subscription FAQ

 What is Happy kit subscription?

It is a subscription service, every 2 months we will send you a kit in selected theme. Once you've signed up, the shipment will be done automatically until you skip or cancel it.

 When is the sign up date?

Sign up period is between 28th - 10th of the next month (January, March, May, July, September and November). For example, January 28th - February 10th.

 How many kits do you have and the cost?

We have 5 kits you can choose according to planner you use or style:

Sticker kit ($25 USD) = For non-specific planner user, it is the only kit that has washi tapes.

Vertical kit ($25 USD) = Perfect for vertical planner (the width of the box is 1.25" wide). A full kit that you can used up to 3 weeks.

Mini kit ($17.50 USD) = The same as vertical kit but with less sticker sheets. The width of the box is 1.25" wide. This is perfect for small vertical planner users. 

Hobonichi Weeks kit ($17.50 USD) = Weekly kits and when you sign up, you will get a monthly kit as an exclusive gift.

Hobonichi Cousin kit ($17.50 USD) = Weekly kit

 Shipping price

❖ International countries = $5.80 USD flat-rate shipping

❖ Asian countries = $4.80 USD flat-rate shipping

❖ Thailand = FREE (EMS)

*Include tracking service*

 Can I subscribe and combine shipping with shop orders?

I apologised that we do not combine shipping, because the shipping price is very expensive. When you subscribe to our kit, please do not add any other items in the cart except the current subscription kit. 

 What is the benefit for subscribing to our kit, rather than purchase in shop?

When you subscribe to our kit. You will receive these gifts:

❖ Exclusive foil sticker sheet 

❖ Foil Happy fairy sticker sheet

❖ Washi tapes (usually 5mm or 7mm)  at least 1 or 2 rolls

Sometimes there will be random of enamel pin, acrylic charm or note pad. 

❖ If you subscribe more than 1 kit, you will get exclusive washi tapes.

*When you purchase full kit later in shop. You will not receive these gifts, plus the price will be more expensive!*

 How do I get all of the washi tapes in this kit?

We normally have 3 types of washi tapes:

1. Washi tapes as gifts from signing up.

2. Sticker kit washi tapes

3. Washi tapes as exclusive gifts for subscribe multiple kits.

If you want to get all of the kits. You must subscribe at least 2 kits (any kits together). 

 How to cancel my subscription?

If you subscribe via PayPal website (old method)

1. You can cancel it yourself. Click to see instruction of how to cancel.

2. Send us an email (

If you subscribe via Checkout method

1. You can cancel it yourself, by logging into your account.

2. Send us an email (

 How to skip / add / change kit?

*YOU MUST DO IT BEFORE 25TH! Otherwise, we will not promise you that you will get the kit that you want. No cancellation after the payment has been made*

1. You can cancel it yourself, by logging into your account.

2. Send us an email (

 When is the last date to make changes to my subscription?

The last day is 25th of the sign up month. Eg. 25th of January / March / May / July / September / November.

 Contact information *for subscription only*

Please send an email to us at