Sticker kit and Hobonichi Weeks kit on Hobonichi Cousin (weekly view)

Hello Friends,
Since I've received many questions of what I would suggest the suitable subscription kits to use on Hobonichi Cousin. I also want to find out the answer 😂 Please bear with me with this long texts!

This is the weekly view of Hobonichi Cousin. In this spread I use:
  • Hobonichi Weeks kit
  • Sticker kit
  • Washi tapes (both sticker kit, and multi sub)
  • Note boxes (Every order gift)


There are many elements you could use. For example:
  • Days of the week stickers - Just need to cut and place it. You can choose to use the ones vertical (weekly) or horizontal (from monthly vie sheet)
  • Date stickers from monthly view sheet
  • Icons - They're small and works well with Cousin.
  • Full boxes
  • Checklists


And second image is showing you what sticker sheets could work on Hobonichi Cousin! Size comparison I mean 😅
  • ST-11 (Days of the week and weekend banner)
At first I wanted to make it for people who use bullet journalling style. But it could work on Cousin as well. The height of the box fits perfectly. I could make the width fits on Hobonichi Cousin for the next sub.
(This is is exclusive for subscribers)
  • ST-10 (Note stickers)
There are 2 sizes in this sheet. The big one fits PERFECTLY! The smaller ones are a little bit smaller.
(This is is exclusive for subscribers)
  • ST-9 (Note stickers)
This one is a little big bigger
  • ST-12 (Chubby animals / note boxes)
The big size fits perfectly on Cousin and since it's quite big. You can write many things on it. It's 1.25", the same as one in Vertical kit but different designs.
(This is is exclusive for subscribers)
  • ST-13 (Checklists)
Cute checklists
(This is is exclusive for subscribers)
Other sticker sheets are also useful to use! There are 2 sizes, medium and mini. Both fits on Hobonichi Cousin


I was very surprised that many stickers from sticker kit are working well with Cousin! To be honest if you have budget for 1 kit. I would recommend getting sticker kit. You get note boxes which fits on Cousin, washi tapes can be used to help brighten the spread and functional stickers are useful!
But please note that many sticker sheets are exclusive for subscribers. Meaning that you need to subscribe in order to get these stickers.
Multiple kits?
If you want to get multi sub washi tapes. Although I haven't try vertical kit yet. I think Hobonichi Weeks kitwould give you less work? Because Vertical kit, the width of the box is 1.50" (while Cousin is around 1.25"), it means that you need to trim many things to make it fit the planner (And I'm very lazy person 😂). But if you don't mind stickers overlap, Vertical kit has lots of box stickers!
While Hobonichi Weeks, few elements are needed to be trim.
I hope these will be useful for you to make the decision. This is how I would use. Everyone's styles are going to be different I was inspired by many of you who made them so beautiful and creative! ❤️