Mini kit 

$17.50 / Every 2 months

This a compact kit of Vertical kit. It has little bit of everything from the Vertical kit.
Suitable for customers who plan to use the kit for 1 week or small planner.

Items included: 

  • 2 Sticker sheets (5"x6.9") Matte stickers

  • 1 Sticker sheet (3.45"x6.5") Matte sticker

  • 2 Light gold foil sticker sheets (5"x6.9") Vinyl stickers. Please remember to only use permanent marker on these.

* Exclusive gifts for subscribers *

When you subscribe between May 28th - June 10th.

You will get an additional sticker sheet (days of the week and weekend stickers), which allows you to use this kit for 2 weeks! This would be great if you use small planner!

*This sticker sheet will not be available in shop*


$23.30 USD

Shipping price $5.80 included with tracking number.


$22.30 USD

Shipping price $4.80 included with tracking number.

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$17.50 USD

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