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Shipping policy for Canadian customers about the bundle

*We just found out about the DHL Global Mail Registered price has been reduced. Therefore, we are going to change the shipping price from $6.50 usd (free 2 stickers) to $4.50 usd.* The 2 additional stickers will no longer be applied.

Back to the bundle...

We understand that the shipping price we announced earlier to Canada was crazy expensive compared to others. Therefore, we are going to have another shipping option for you. But we want to list the difference between "FASTSHIP E-packet" and "DHL Global Mail Registered" to help you make the decision.

The difference between FASTSHIP E-packet and DHL Global Mail Registered

 Fastship E-PACKET

$20.70 usd for 1 bundle

$29 usd for 2 bundles

DHL Global Mail Registered

$6 usd for 1 bundle

$10.20 usd for 2 bundles

  • Required name, email, and telephone number.
  • The tracking number is trackable from the start until when you receive the mail.
  • It will take 7-10 days for the mail to arrived to Canada (Excluding custom and delivery to your house).
  • If the mail is lost or undelivered. The insurance will cover, which we will send you the replacement order.
  • We will give you freebie A, B and C to compensate the cost of the shipping cost. 
  • Required name, email, and telephone number.
  • The tracking number stops tracking once it reach CanadaBecause once it reach Canada, Canada Post will be deliver your mail. 
  • Canada Post will not update the tracking number. Meaning that you will not know where the mail is until you get it.
  • If the mail is lost, undelivered or damaged. DHL won't responsible and therefore we will not be giving refund or sending the replacement.
  • It takes 7-21 days to receive the mail.

 When you are at the checkout page. The shipping methods are going to look like this. *Please choose either 1 bundle DHL or 1 bundle E-PACKET*

If you accidentally chose the wrong shipping method. Your order will be cancelled and refunded. NO EXEPTION.

 Here's what freebie A, B and C look like