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When you subscribe to Juicy fruits kit. These are 5 items you will get (value of $18 USD). If you already subscribe to our kits. You will also get these freebies.

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By subscribing to Juicy Fruits kit. You will get 6 items!

If you already subscribed, you will also get these freebies ❤️

Here is an example of how sticker kit can be used on Hobonichi Cousin monthly view.

You will get these 5 washi tapes when subscribing more than 1 kit.

Please note that these rarely available in shop as it is exclusive for multiple subscribers.

There are 10 washi tapes in this kit!

These 5 washi tapes are exclusive gifts when subscribing to multiple kits! 

These will be given 1 set per person only.

There are 5 kits available to subscribe

We are super excited to let you know that now you can subscribe to our kits in Shopify! This will allows you to add, remove, skip or making changes in your Shopify account, much easier than ever! If you are currently subscribing to us, I highly suggest you to cancel your subscription in your PayPal and resubscribe at Shopify!

Subscription will be opening from July 28, 9am EST - August 10th.

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How to get multiple kits washi tapes?

You will get the 5 washi tapes when subscribing more than 1 kit!

* These are given 1 set per person only *