(Closed) The sticker request is back!

The sticker request is back!! ♥️

In the past many many months I have been getting messages from customers hoping me to draw what they want. However, I was so busy and I didn't have the chance to do that 😥 ... I always thought I would do when I make the next sticker request.

The sticker request weekend will be on October 19-21 starts at 9am EDT. I will accept the first 20 people from FB group and 30 people from IG. Each person can request 1 sticker (I really don't know if many people will participate 😅)

🌞 You can request:

  • food
  • pets (exotic pets are welcome 😎) 
  • characters
  • icons
  • musical instruments 🎼
  • what you need but can't find anyone sell it

*Except the weekly kit because it took TOO LONG to finish 😆*

🌞 How to request?
I will make a post on October 19 and you can comment down what you like! 
- If it's possible, please be a little specific so I understand what you you're looking for 😊

+ Eg. Kids - what sort of interactions? or half box with the little kid icon? what gender?
+ Eg. water plans - indoor plants? outdoor plants? 
+ What types of stickers? - Script? etc.

I'm exciting for this, because I don't know what I will get to draw. 😋