(SOLD OUT) Our very first collab album with Happie Scrappie!

Omg it's happening  A collab album with @happiescrappie ! Our stickers finally have a home XD Thank you so much Sam!! 

 Total of 300 albums will be available at Happie Scrappie shop on August 21.

 150 albums will be released on 9am Central time!
 Another 150 albums on 9pm Central time. Be prepared to grab them fast!! 😎

We will be having Flash Sale 20% off on our website as well  August 21 - 22, sale starts at 9am Central time!

*Please note that the flash sale only applies to our only.

Album info:
The album is in regular size. The cover will be add glittered overlay!!
 Price: $9.90 usd. You will get a album and 1 sampler sheet 
 Max 2 albums per household

Photo of the sampler sheet! I designed it to look like mini version of the album in pink XD