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2 Years shop anniversary bundle (Breakfast theme)

2 Years shop anniversary bundle!

We are super super exciting to share you our "breakfast" theme bundle to celebrate our 2 year shop anniversary :)
We still couldn't believe it has been 2 years since we opened the shop.. time flies very fast! At first we opened the shop, it was just me and my sister. It took us a while to have the courage to purchase the Cameo, because it was quite expensive in our country (as imported item). I had to thank you our mom for cheering us to purchase it. It was the first start of opening the shop. I didn't think that in my life I would have the chance to do what I love (drawing). I have been doodling and drawing cartoon since I was in primary school. I was famous for drawing sailor moon in the class (LOL).
We are selling the bundle 40% off the retail price ($81usd). The bundle will be sale for $48! (Not including the shipping cost).
We have tried our best to keep the shipping cost as lowest as possible. 
Here's the photos of the bundle!
And lovely lovely stickers from our friends!!!